Northern BC

Welcome Northern Students and Families!

 My name is Tara Klukas, and I am your Grad Advisor. I have worked at HCOS since 2011 in both teaching and Grad Advising capacities.  I am currently also the Career Life Education teacher and Adult Grad Advisor.  It is always exciting to see young people discover what gifts, talents and skills God has blessed them with and then help them set goals to journey the pathway they feel God is calling them to pursue.  

 I have three kids of my own, and wow are they different!  Every learner is a little different, an individual, with personal goals, interests, and learning styles. As such, a meeting to discuss these things is important. Together, we can make a plan for your grad years, a plan uniquely suited to you and dream about what comes after graduation, together. 

Here is my Introduction video:

This is what a grad advisor does:

• Communicate with you about courses and course selection.  

• Planning with you for what is needed for the completion of high school and your post-secondary goals.

• Connect you to important information as the year progresses. 

• Connect you to Learning Services and Special Education if needed.

• Make any mid-year course changes and help you sign up for Summer courses.

If you would like to an appointment, please go here:

I can be reached at if you need anything from me.  

 I am excited to be walking alongside you on your graduation pathway.  Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out.  I am always happy to help. Mrs. Klukas

(*Image above is Above Lake Loise by W. J . Phillips

Course Planning:

We have course planning to do over the next month and a half for each student in the North region.  Please review the HCOS course library and the required and elective courses in the Course Planning Sheet below.

Course Library:

Course Planning Sheet: Drafting a Graduation Plan

 Let me know if you have any questions on course selection.