Travel and Outreach Programs

The Comparative Civilizations Program (with overseas travel) is an intensely spiritual, life-affirming experience so we are eager to bring back the program for the Spring Semester of the 2023/2024 school year with the trip to Europe occurring some time in March of 2024. Below is a sample draft of course credit and potential travel destinations available to students in grade 11 or grade 12.

Please note that you can earn a minimum of 12 credits by choosing at least three courses from the following Comparative Civilizations Program course list:

Each study/travel course combo is designed to best fit your particular interests and transcript needs. To help make meaningful personal connections to what you see and experience on the trip, you will begin an intensive weekly program of studies in early/mid-January. Each CompCiv lesson will feature a 1.5 hour online Zoom lecture Mondays at 8:00pm** and be followed by a robust weekly assignment set. There are typically 9-10 lessons before the trip and 3-4 lessons after the trip. You will also complete a field assignment during your travels at a location of your choosing. For more information about coursework and credits, contact Mr. Eric Vanee <>.

Tentative Dates: 12 days** in the last three weeks of March 2024. Lord willing, the trip will focus on major destinations in Greece, Italy, and France**. It will be a fast-paced adventure filled with wonder and excitement. For more information about trip particulars and fees/costs, contact Mr. Mark Daley <>.

Program Fee:  $4000.00 to $4500.00**

Application Process for HCOS Students:  

HCOS students can apply for this program any time. Just contact your Grad Advisor and ask to be put in the Comp Civ Overseas Travel Program Interest Pool.

Application Process for BCOS Students:  

Cross-enrolled BCOS students can apply for this program any time. Just contact the BCOS office and ask to be put in the Comp Civ Overseas Travel Program Interest Pool.

Kelowna: 250-980-5622

Toll Free: 1-877-862-2707

If you do not have a BCOS account, you will need to fill out the BCOS application form.

**In view of economic circumstances and teacher schedules, trip length, price, exact locations, and lecture nights are approximations.**


Are you a grade 10-12 student who is wanting to challenge yourself in faith, life and adventure in the wild of God’s Creation, and earn high school credits while doing so?

If so, then you may want to consider the Adventure Discipleship Program (ADP) with HCOS.

 The Adventure Discipleship Program provides students a chance to work toward up to 12 credits towards their grad program completion.  Students work toward credit for PE/Outdoor Education, Christian Studies and Leadership, while also preparing for (and participating in!) a week long backpacking trip. Previous trip locations have included the South Chilcotin Mountains, Cape Scott, Strathcona, and the Nootka Trail.

 Imagine…a week backpacking in God’s wild with fellow students and professional guides…as part of your school year! 

For more information or to sign-up, please contact : James Nelson or Mark Lamden