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Welcome Video for 2019/2020 School Year

August 30th, 2019

SOPHIE - Your Online School Encyclopedia

SOPHIE* stands for Standard Operating Procedures and Helpful Information Encyclopedia, and it is ALL ABOUT HCOS. It is a VERY HANDY Online book that has answers to many of the questions you will be asking in the next few weeks (and over the course of the year). It can be read cover to cover like a book, or searched for specific information. There are sections on the Grad Program, K-9 program, Moodle and Zoom and soooo many more. Please use this link to SOPHIE to look for the answers to your questions, and find out about HCOS. We are a big school, and there is lots to know!

A Brand NEW page about how to use SOPHIE in the Information for Families Book

Questions SOPHIE answers (specific to the Grad Program):

How do I re-enrol?

What are the course requirements for graduation?

How do I choose courses in Encom?

How do I choose courses that are not part of my current grade?

What about funding in the grad program?

How do I wade through all the English Language Arts Options?

What is the difference between Career Life Education and Career Life Connections?

How do I set up a moodle account?

What does it mean to activate a course?

Enjoy your searches.


Accessing your Transcript

June 25, 2019

End of the Year Wrap Up

Congratulations to all of our HCOS Graduates! Whether you attended the grad ceremonies or not, we celebrate with you! We wish you all the best in your journey - may God lead and guide you through all aspects of what lies ahead.

For those who are looking to write the English 12 provincial - the exam page has been updated with the registration form for the August session. Please note that there are only a few sittings left of this exam. If you started English 12 before June 30, 2019, you need to write the exam!!!

Synchronous Courses are here!!! (For Grade 10)

There has been a lot of success with our Online Synchronous Courses in Grades 5-9 and so this year we'll be opening up the same opportunity for Grade 10 students. What does Synchronous mean? Synchronous means that you start your course in September and end in June - so it will be a linear pace - and you will have weekly face-to-face Zoom meetings with your teachers. For more information about this great opportunity, check out this Article written by our wonderful Grad Director - Chelsea Bitgood.

The Synchronous options will be for Science 10, Socials 10, English 10, Christian Studies 10, and both Workplace Math 10/Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10.