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SEAL Team Outreach Program

Serving others - Exploring Faith - Advancing the Gospel - Leading with Integrity

Are you looking for ways to serve the global community? Are you interested in deepening your relationship with Jesus? Have you wondered how God is at work in different areas of the world? Do you desire to serve God in a missions setting?

The SEAL Team outreach program at Heritage Christian Online School is a travel and outreach program that aims to help students see God at work and grow in their own faith, develop as servant leaders, and have a genuine spiritual impact on the world around them. 

This year, our team will partner with Impact Ministries in Guatemala to support their ongoing work in the region of Tactic in northern Guatemala. Our team will travel to Guatemala in early April of 2025 and be involved in a variety of outreach and service activities while there. Students should budget about $2800 to cover the costs of this year's trip.

Team members will meet online throughout the school year to grow as a team and work through their Christian Studies and Leadership coursework. Student team members will earn 4 Christian Studies course credits and 4 Leadership course credits through their participation in bi-weekly zoom classes on Fridays from 8-9 am as well as the activities they are involved in while in Guatemala. 

SEAL Team Member Application Form: https://forms.kccnet.ca/view.php?id=759984 

For more information contact the SEAL team leaders: 

Trish Vandop: tvandop@onlineschool.ca

Ryan Bedwell: ryan.bedwell@onlineschool.ca 

Get Involved in a Grad Program Community!  


~All students in Grades 10-12

~Every Friday at 10:00am on Zoom

Looking for intellectually stimulating conversation and meaningful online fellowship?

Consider our biblically robust and culturally relevant INQUIRY INTO Faith, Literature, and Contemporary Life. 

See you soon!

Mr. Al Breitkreuz

~ HCOS Teacher

P.S. Breakfast Club can also count for school credit. For more information, ask Mr. Breitkreuz about the Leadership 10, 11, and 12 program.


~Grades 10-12 Girls

~Every Monday at 9:00am on Google Chat Room

Living Unlimited welcomes all girls in the HCOS Grad Program. Whether you have never encountered Jesus or the Bible before, want to explore more about the God who created Heaven and Earth, or simply desire to connect in our HCOS community with spiritual fellowship and personal relationship, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! 

The mission of Living Unlimited is to create and strengthen disciples of Jesus through encouragement, faith, and challenging discussions in a community of sisters in Christ. If you are looking for a place to connect with other girls, learn about faith, and gain fellowship and support then come join us! It is hoped that together, we can support one another in our grad years and feel God's unlimited knowledge, power, and love.


~All students in Grades 5-9

~Every Monday at 10:30am on Zoom

Are you looking for a community where you can be encouraged and uplifted by fellowship while having fun at the same time? Consider VELOCITY, a division of Breakfast Club! Ranging from grades 5 to Grade 9, this is a safe, joyful, and positive place to learn more about God's word and how it applies to your life as a young student. 

Join us for games, lessons, and discussions as we grow together. Each gathering will go for approximately 25 minutes.

Mr. Eric Vanee

~ HCOS Teacher

Questions? Please feel free to contact Max or Marielle

Did you miss Grad Orientation Week? 

Find the Grad Orientation Week Recordings Below

BCIT Entrance Awards! 

For more information, please feel free to contact us.


British Columbia Institute of Technology

Student Financial Aid and Awards

(604) 432–8555


BCIT is pleased to announce that the following Entrance Awards are available to students who are planning to attend our institute starting May 1, 2024 to April 30, 2025.




More information about BCIT Entrance Awards and the application forms can be found at bcit.ca/financial-aid. 

23/24 Scholarships, bursaries and more

Provincial Scholarship Program

It's that time of the year to plan for post-graduation goals. The good news is, if you are in grades 9-11, there is plenty of time to get things in order. For starters, are you

Between grades 9-11, you want to build your portfolio of experience. These experiences help you to gain valuable skills and abilities moving you towards greater independence and ultimately the ability to earn scholarships and bursaries.

Take some time to watch some of our older scholarship sessions and stay tuned for new and exciting workshops in the fall and new year!

Grade 12 students, it's not too late! Reach out to your GA if you are looking into scholarships and be sure to watch our older info sessions linked above. Make sure to check out the provincial scholarship program on the government website and the scholarship links on the post-secondary institution pages you plan to attend.

How to initiate support

Student Success Centre (SSC) is a Online-based universal support provided by an EA in Literacy or Numeracy and is offered to students needing assistance in grades 5-12. It is important to note that you do not need a referral for this, you may access the SSC at any point throughout the year. 

Check out the SOPHIE page below: 


Experiences Canada Exchange

Become a youth ambassador through the Experiences Canada exchange program both group and virtual!

Contact: Allison Miles amiles@onlineschool.ca for more information or visit the website.

Forums offer youth from across Canada the opportunity to lead and be part of an intensive ‘youth teaching youth’ experience, and provide educational leadership development, and volunteer work experience opportunities to youth participants.

*some topics may be sensitive to some students*