District Authority Scholarship

Submission Due Date: April 8th/2024

*Below is the recording of the DAS workshop*

District Authority Purpose:

The District/ Authority Scholarships are offered by the Ministry of Education & Child Care to recognize BC graduating students for excellence in their chosen areas of interest and strength. 

Winners receive a $1,250 scholarship voucher to use towards their post-secondary tuition.

Important Dates: 

HCOS Submission Date: If you would like Kaylee Moerman to look over your application before the April 8th submission date. Please email your portfolio to Kaylee Moerman by April 4th/2024.

Please email Kaylee Moerman if you have any questions. 

To be considered for a District/ Authority Scholarship, applicants must: 

Students are advised to choose the area where they are best able to demonstrate the highest level of achievement in a digital portfolio. Students can apply to one Specialty Area only

*see table below with Focus Area's listed under each Specialty Area. 

Would you like to apply? 

Step 1: Email Kaylee Moerman to express your interest in applying and let her know what Specialty Area you'd like to apply for. 

Step 2: Create a digital portfolio showcasing your Specialty Area and complete a 1-page introduction letter. 

Step 3: Download the necessary forms, fill them out and make them PDF files. 

Step 4: Create a google email account if you do not already have one. 

Step 5: Submit online all necessary documents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a student win more than one District/Authority Scholarship?  No. A student may only receive one District/Authority Scholarship.

How long do recipients have to redeem their scholarship vouchers?  Reciepients normally have 5 years from the date of issue to redeem a DAS. The expiry date will be printed on the voucher. 

Will I be contacted for an interview? Yes, all applicants are contacted by an adjudicator to arrange an online interview. 

Who are the Adjudicators?  Adjudicators are picked from a few different schools, some of our very own GA's have adjudicated. 

How do I pick a focus area?  We encourage students to choose the area where they are best able to demonstrate the highest level of achievemnet in an online portfolio. 

My focus area doesn't require a portfolio?  If your focus area doesn’t require a portfolio, you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate your area excellence during the interview. In the outline pages it will show you which focus areas require a portfolio and which focus areas don’t. 

Can I share additional information?  You may wish to share some additional documents like a resume or awards that you have received. These can be uploaded as one PDF through the application form. 

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