Learning Commons

Heritage Christian Schools Learning Commons website provides Canadian, Christian, educational digital and non-digital resources to our school users; including teachers, parents and students.

Our learning commons mission is… to transform young people across the globe by means of a Christ-infused resource based library. Recognizing that Heritage Christian Schools has been given an extraordinary opportunity to provide a distinct online educational framework, one that will impact youth in BC and around the world. Our goal is to prepare our students to become lifelong learners, who can disseminate information consistently, think creatively and innovatively, and research effectively online, while actively engaging in their world from a Christian world-view, through discipleship-based Christian Education.

Weekly Learning Commons Update

Dear patrons,

Here is a quick update from our learning commons team!

  • Christmas is almost here and the elves are busy! Time to get the Advent calendars up and read around the Christmas tree with some of these great physical books or digital books on SORA here. Or engage with some fun Christmas STEAM activities.
  • Our contests are in full swing! To find out more go to our contests page.
  • Mathematics/Financial Literacy items for sale here.

Blessings from your Learning Commons team.

Kind regards,

Pippa Davies

Learning Commons Events

The HCOS Learning Commons, Photo Contest is back! This traditionally one of the most popular and requested contests that we run during the school year, so we are happy to offer it to our students again this year.

· This contest is open to all grades.

· The theme is Shadows & Light

· Prizes are Amazon Giftcards

· Contest runs through the Christmas Holiday (Ends January 5th) to give you more time to be creative!

For more information or to enter, go to the Contest Page:

SORA App - have you explored this easy-to-use app for your handheld devices that allow you to read and or listen to books from our HCOS library in digital form? Even better, you can win prizes for earning badges while you read!

· Have fun reading eBooks or listening to Audiobooks

· Explore what is available on our Sora Library

· Earn badges and possibly win a great prize!

For more information look at the contest page then log into your Sora account to start the fun!

Secret Santa Project, a Card & Gift exchange!

One of the fun parts of Christmas is sending and receiving Christmas cards from friends and family. Back by popular demand is our Secret Santa Project, Card and Gift Exchange. For more information or to join in the fun, visit the Event Page linked here.