Provincial Assessments

Registration for August English 12 and Communications 12 Exam

In order to write a provincial exam, you MUST complete the online provincial exam registration form. To do so, you will need your student’s legal name and PEN number.

August Exam Session (8th and 9th)

Online Registration Form Opens: June 19th, 2019

Online Registration Form Closes: July 19th, 2019 (11:45pm)

Changes to the Ministry Assessments for Graduation

The ministry has released it's final plan for the roll out of the new assessments in the Grad Program. Students graduating in the year 2020/21 will be required to take:

  • The Numeracy Exam in Grade 10
  • A Literacy Exam in Grade 10
  • A Literacy Exam in Grade 12

None of these exams are tied to courses as they were previously. They can be attempted at any point during the year.

The image to the right shows the roll out of the exams. If you are currently in Grade 11 (in the 2018/2019 school year) you will only be required to take the Numeracy Exam, for example. Please refer to the table to see what exams you will be required to take.

Remember this is based on the grade you were in during the 2018/2019 school year.

What is the Numeracy Assessment?

This is a new assessment required for graduation. It’s not tied to a Math course, and is not just a math exam. It tests literacy skills, problem solving skills, explanation skills, writing skills and yes, some math skills. For this reason, students can choose to write the exam anytime they enter the Grad Program.

Here are some specifics about the exam:

    1. It can be written starting in Grade 10.
    2. It can be written up to three times, where the highest score stands.
    3. It is entered as a separate line on a student’s transcript, not tied to any course in specific.
    4. It is required for graduation.
    5. It is marked on a rubric scale.

The ministry has provided lots of resources for the exam:

    1. Information for Parents
    2. Explanation of the Scoring Guide and Student Exemplars
    3. A sample assessment and key