Provincial Assessments

Numeracy Assessment Module - Self Directed Study Guide

We are super excited to announce the release of a resource designed especially for HCOS students.

The Numeracy Assessment Module is an online, self-directed module available in Moodle that contains everything you need to get ready for the Numeracy 10 Assessment.

Here are some specifics about the Module:

    1. You can sign up for this resource any time, free of charge! Just follow this link:

        • You will need to enter the following enrolment key: NumeracyAssessment

    2. The Module will appear on your Moodle dashboard. For more information on how to set up your Moodle account and log in, see the instructions here:

    3. It is self-directed. That means you can do as much or as little as you need, and no teacher is looking over your shoulder.

    4. The work you do in that module will not count towards any math course... so feel free to experiment and use what's helpful.

    5. If you have questions contact your grad advisor or Mrs. Trish Vandop for more information (

What is the Literacy Assessment?

This is a new assessment required for graduation. It’s not tied to a specific Language Arts course, and is not just an English exam. It tests a students ability to use critical thinking and analysis to make meaning from a selection of different texts. It also assesses the ability of a student to communicate their ideas. For this reason, students can choose to write the exam anytime they enter the Grad Program.

Here are some specifics about the exam:

    1. It must be written in Grade 10 for the first attempt.

    2. It can be written up to three times, students are given a RM (requirements met) mark when they successfully complete the assessment.

    3. It is entered as a separate line on a student’s transcript, not tied to any course in specific.

    4. It is required for graduation.

    5. It is marked on a rubric scale.

The ministry has provided some resources for the exam, and we expect more to come as the first round of assessments happens in April:

For more information, see the Grade 10 Literacy Assessment webpage here