Provincial Assessments

January 2020 Provincial Assessments

The following information is very important if you are planning on writing a provincial assessment in November. If you are not planning on writing a provincial assessment at this time, you can disregard this email.


In order to write a provincial assessment, you MUST complete the online provincial exam registration form. To do so, you will need your name and PEN number.

January Provincial Assessment Session (20th – 24th)

Online Registration Form Opens: Today, October 31st, 2019

Online Registration Form Closes: November 22nd, 2019 (11:45pm)

NOTE: The online registration form is only available for the NEXT assessment session. DO NOT complete the registration form for an assessment session later in the year. You must wait until registration for that session opens. You will receive an email when the next sessions registration is open.

Provincial Assessment Availability

In any session, it is not a guarantee that there will be available space for you to write the assessment. HCOS works hard to find a local school in your area where you can write. Not all schools offer provincial assessments in all sessions, and if there is not a school in your area sitting the assessment, you might have to postpone writing to the next session. The November and April sessions tend to be more limited for availability.

Please note on your registration form if you are willing to travel to another location if our staff is unable to find a school in your area.

Photo ID

In order to write a provincial assessment at any school in BC, you must have current government issued photo ID. The main acceptable IDs includes a driver’s license, BCID card or passport. If you do not have either of these IDs please to request a school ID.

*GoCards will NOT be accepted under any circumstance.

Other Important Assessment Information

· While we will always do our best to accommodate your specific requests or preferences, we may not be able to do so in certain cases. A request on the registration form is not a guarantee.

· If you live in an area near one of our own assessment centers, your assessment registration may be moved to our assessment center even if their preference is at a different school.

· If you miss an assessment session registration deadline, you can either wait until the next assessment session or make walk-in arrangements directly with a local school.

Upcoming Provincial Assessment Dates

April 2020 Assessment Session (14th – 20th)

Registration times will be released in late February/early March.


Which Assessments Do I Write?

There are many questions about who needs to write which assessment.

Please reference this handy document. The assessments required depend on which year you intend to graduate in, not necessarily the grade you are in (especially if you plan to extend your grad program courses from three years to four etc.)

If you have questions, please do no hesitate to seek clarification from your Grad Advisor!

What is the Numeracy Assessment?

This is a new assessment required for graduation. It’s not tied to a Math course, and is not just a math exam. It tests literacy skills, problem solving skills, explanation skills, writing skills and yes, some math skills. For this reason, students can choose to write the exam anytime they enter the Grad Program.

Here are some specifics about the exam:

    1. It can be written starting in Grade 10.
    2. It can be written up to three times, where the highest score stands.
    3. It is entered as a separate line on a student’s transcript, not tied to any course in specific.
    4. It is required for graduation.
    5. It is marked on a rubric scale.

The ministry has provided lots of resources for the exam:

    1. Information for Parents
    2. Explanation of the Scoring Guide and Student Exemplars
    3. A sample assessment and key