Looking for Scholarships, Grants, Bursaries, Contests etc.?

Scholarships applications and academic contests pop up throughout the year. It is your job to ensure that you are actively looking for them and are mindful of their deadlines. This page will be updated as information is sent to us.

Click here for a great Canadian website which describes a number of different scholarship opportunJovan has completed 50% of the course through a co-op, but will now be moving into the hybrid course version to complete his course work.ities.

Click here for a list we compiled for you with timelines/deadlines.

2020 HCOS PAC Scholarships and Bursaries

Now available - please see the PAC website for application and instructions. Applications are closed April 30th, 2020.

Chilliwack Pro-Life Society

One of YOUR grads could get $1000. See[UNIQID]

Clean Energy Association of BC (CEBC) Student Scholarship

The Clean Energy Association of BC is offering a $1,000 student scholarship this year, which will be awarded at their Annual General Meeting in June.

This scholarship is for grade 12 students who are graduating in 2020. To apply for the scholarship, students will submit a reference letter as well as a 500-word essay answering the question, “Why is clean energy important to me as a young person in BC?

The application deadline is Thursday, May 14th and the winner will be contacted in early June. You can find more information on their website:

2020 Technology Impact Awards

Investing in the future of tech talent is one of the keys to success for the BC technology sector. Established in 2005, the industry-funded BC Tech Scholarship Program is proud to provide grants to students who have a proven passion for technology, a desire to leave a mark in the tech sector and are pursuing a post-secondary education in a technology-related program.

Please visit the website here for more information.

Applications are open until February 26, 2020.

BCIT Entrance Scholarship Information

Grad Info Night 2019 Presentation Slides LINK

For more information about the rules, submission instructions, and additional awards, please visit our website here:

The deadline to submit original work is October 31st, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST. Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions or would like additional information.

RE/MAX 2020 Quest for Excellence®

The Quest for Excellence program is a bursary program for grade 12 students in Western Canada. It was established by RE/MAX of Western Canada to recognize the success and ongoing pursuits of Western Canadian students in regard to leadership and community contribution initiatives.

What is Awarded?

RE/MAX of Western Canada will award 16 bursaries of $1,000 each to qualifying Grade 12 students. In addition, each award includes a Certificate of Excellence signed by the Regional Executive Vice President of RE/MAX of Western Canada. Winners will be notified in April 2020.

Who Can Participate?

The Quest for Excellence is open to all Grade 12 students attending high school from September 2019 – June 2020. Grade 12 students may not have participated in graduation commencement ceremonies in the past. Applicants must be a resident of one of BC.

What is Required?

Students are to convey the contributions they have made to their communities in a short online essay, maximum 1,250 words. Key qualities students should demonstrate are leadership, motivation and communication skills. Other attributes may include volunteering, participation in charitable events or fundraising, and contributions that enrich the lives of others and their communities.

Quest Application

How to apply for Scholarships and Bursaries

Step 1: Determine what your financial need is and how many bursaries and scholarships you will be applying for.

Step 2: Develop a template to track all the scholarships and bursaries, particularly if you are applying to more than 5.

Create your own

Use our template

Step 3: Create useful fields on your spreadsheets for tracking

  • Scholarship name
  • Scholarship provider
  • Contact information
  • URL for additional information or online application
  • Deadline date
  • Award amount
  • Criteria (age, grade, GPA, etc.)
  • Documentation required (transcript, financial records, letters of recommendation, essays, etc.)

Helpful Hints

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Start researching scholarship options during grade 11 as the scholarship process begins early in your grade 12 year
  • Begin volunteering on a regular basis as many scholarships require a strong/consistent history of involvement as part of the eligibility
  • Each award has unique criteria. You may have to complete an essay and/or provide school transcripts and references
  • Consider a variety of smaller scholarships/awards as they may attract fewer applicants
  • Have an updated resume and cover letter, that you can change for a specific scholarship
  • Dedicate a specific time each week for your scholarship research
  • Pay close attention to application deadline date/time, particularly if sending hardcopy documents

Types of Scholarships/Bursaries/Awards

I) Post-Secondary Scholarship Options

These scholarships are contingent on accepting the offer of admission for that specific institution. The applications for these scholarships may be:

  • Automatic (you are not required to submit a separate scholarship application) such as an Entrance Award
  • General scholarship application may be required
  • Faculty specific (e.g. only for Engineering students)
  • Nominated (each school may nominate a limited number of students)
  • Based on financial need (bursary)

II) Association and Community Scholarship Options

Many groups offer scholarship/bursary opportunities to high school students such as unions, clubs, businesses, associations, organizations and so on. Students should consider their individual situation to see if any opportunities are available through their skills, involvement or family. Criteria for each of these opportunities varies including artistic ability, academic performance, community service, leadership, athletics, financial need, etc.

There are many other awards available to grade 12's that do not come through the school. We always recommend that students check scholarship websites, parents' workplaces, post-secondary institutions they are applying to and associations and organizations with which parents or grandparents are affiliated.

III) Find a Match

Some websites will match a student with a variety of awards in their database. Register online for this option at -- register information then it links you to applicable awards --under “Scholarships” tab

You received a bursary/scholarship, now what?

1. Make sure to THANK you donors. At the bottom of your scholarship letter, you will see an address. Take the time to write and thank them once you have received your scholarship.

Dear Donor:

Thank you for the scholarship. I am planning to pursue a career in teaching and will be attending UNBC in the fall. The funds will go towards paying tuition and books...etc.


Mya Scholarship

2. Award Deferral: If you are not planning to attend a post-secondary institution in the year immediately following graduation, please indicate that you would like a one year deferral in your thank you letter. Most scholarships, bursaries and awards only allow a one year deferral