Breakfast Club

Upcoming Breakfast Club Events:

November 3 - Elliyah Teufel

November 10 - Mr. Breitkreuz

November 17 - Max Schramm

November 24 - Mr. Breitkreuz

December 1 - Isaac Humphreys

December 8 - Mr. Breitkreuz


Looking for intellectually stimulating conversation and meaningful online fellowship?


Come join us every Friday at 10:00am in Mr. Breitkreuz's Zoom Room.

Please note that there will be an online social event in the Breakfast Club Student Zoom Room following our formal Topic of the Week presentation.

See you soon!

Mr. Al Breitkreuz

~ HCOS Teacher

P.S. Breakfast Club can also count for school credit. For more information, ask Mr. Breitkreuz about the Leadership 10, 11, and 12 program.

NOTES and RECORDINGS from Previous Breakfast Club Events

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Living Unlimited welcomes all girls in the HCOS Grad Program. Whether you have never encountered Jesus or the Bible before, want to explore more about the God who created Heaven and Earth, or simply desire to connect in our HCOS community with spiritual fellowship and personal relationship, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! 

The mission of Living Unlimited is to create and strengthen disciples of Jesus through encouragement, faith, and challenging discussions in a community of sisters in Christ. If you are looking for a place to connect with other girls, learn about faith, and gain fellowship and support then come join us! It is hoped that together, we can support one another in our grad years and feel God's unlimited knowledge, power, and love.

Come join Lead students Sophia Anderson and Tehya Young every Monday at 9:00 a.m. in the Living Unlimited Google chat room.

Young women of HCOS, this is definitely worthy of your consideration. Check it out!

Upcoming Living Unlimited Events

OCT 16th 23rd 30th

NOV 6th 13th  20th  27th  

DEC 4th  11th  

Upcoming Velocity Events

November - Forgiveness Theme

November 6 -  Marielle 

November 13 - Remembrance Day Holiday - No Velocity

November 20 - Max

November 27 - Fun Monday

December - Christmas Theme

December 4 - Combo lesson

December 11 - Guest speaker

December 18 - Christmas Party

December 25 - Christmas Break - No Velocity


Are you looking for a community where you can be encouraged and uplifted by fellowship while having fun at the same time? Consider VELOCITY, a division of Breakfast Club! Ranging from grades 5 to Grade 9, this is a safe, joyful, and positive place to learn more about God's word and how it applies to your life as a young student. 

Join our student leadership team every Monday at 10:30am in the Velocity Zoom Room. for games, lessons, and discussions as we grow together. Each gathering will go for approximately 25 minutes.

Mr. Eric Vanee

~ HCOS Teacher