Hey! I'm Mr. Kuchma and I am the Grad Advisor for the Interior of BC.

Contact Information

  • Mr. Kuchma

  • Email:

    • I strive to reply to emails by the end of the next business day.

  • Zoom info

    • You first need to download Zoom:

    • Once downloaded you can add me as a contact:

  • Zoom Office Hours

    • Monday 9-11am

    • Tuesday 3-5pm

    • Thursday 1-3pm

    • Friday 3-5pm

      • My hours are first-come-first-serve, no appointment necessary.

You have 2 ways of connecting with me via Zoom.

  1. If you already have Zoom downloaded and have an account created, you can add me as a contact using my email: from there, you can message me through Zoom during my office hours and I’ll call you as soon as I’m free.

  2. If you instead need a Zoom link, this mine: however, you need to email me during my office hours (see above) so that I know to open up my Zoom room.

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