Hey! I'm Mr. Kuchma and I am the Grad Advisor for the Interior of BC.

Contact Info:
Zoom: you must download the app and then add me as a contact using ""
Phone: If you email me I will give you my phone number and we can chat that way - but I'm not going to put it online ;)

Feel free to contact me anytime through email or Zoom.

Wondering who I am? Want to get me know me a bit? I made a Mr. Kuchma documentary you can watch here:

~ Mr. Kuchma

BC Student Leadership Event - October 26th (Virtual)

Selecting Your Courses for the 2021/2022 School Year

Mary Poppins Auditions - Book audition time (New students).pdf

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Summer Grad Advising Update

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Does COVID have you down?

Yeah, I thought so....

Watch this video I made about COVID being a bummer.

February Grad Advising Update

Grad Interior Events 2020/2021

Due to COVID at this time nothing is planned in the form of events for the school year.

Mr. Kuchma Documentary