Island Grad Advisor

My name is Ryan Titley and I am your Grad Advisor. I have worked in this role for a number of years now and it is always exciting to see students set and meet their goals. I am also an Art teacher and have two kids of my own. Every student is a little different, an individual, with personal goals, interests, and learning styles. As such meeting to discuss these things is important. Together, we can make a plan for your grad years, a plan uniquely suited to you. 

I can be reached at if you need anything from me.  

This is what a grad advisor does:

• Communicate with you about courses and course selection.  

• Planning with you for what is needed for the completion of high school and your post-secondary goals.

• Connect you to important information as the year progresses. 

• Connect you to Learning Services and Special Education if needed.

• Make any mid-year course changes and help you sign up for Summer courses.

Everybody Deserves a Smile

Everybody Deserves A Smile (EDAS), is a homemade grass-roots project that was started 16 years ago to bring a smile to homeless people at Christmas. Although EDAS has focused on helping the homeless, its intent is to help everyone feel significant in some way, simply by being kind. 

Join us by creating of collecting items (scarves, socks or mitts) and donate them at one of your local drop off center The Lewis Center Courtenay, The Courtenay Library, Nanaimo (NDSS)

Please view the video series (with your local Island GA) for more information and education about the charity and homelessness. 

Part 1 EDAS Meeting 1: What is EDAS? Homelessness