Student Support Centre

Student Support Centre (SSC) is a Skype-based universal support provided by an EA in Literacy or Numeracy and is offered to students needing assistance in grades 7 - 12.

The SSC EAs can provide support with:

  • academic courses - comprehension, higher level thinking, step by step instruction
  • executive functioning (organization, planning, time management)
  • course pacing and accountability
  • navigating Moodle, Study Forge and Encom
  • building confidence due to anxiety or insecurity
  • motivation

Support is offered via Skype and students must be willing to download the program, schedule a meeting time and attend the service.

Deanna Laity: Literacy EA

Zoom 1-1 pre-booked appointments Calendar:


  • M 12:30-14:00
  • W 10:00-13:00
  • Th: 9:30-12:00 and 13:00-15:30

Jeewon Yoo: Numeracy EA

Booking Calendar (pre-book ahead of time) Please let him know if you plan to meet over Skype or Zoom.

  • Skype ID: onlineschooltutor
  • Contact Jeewon via email:
    • M 16:00-18:30 (PDT)
    • T 16:00-18:30 (PDT)
    • W 16:00-18:30 (PDT)
    • Sat 16:00-18:30 (PDT)

Cheryl Stensaker: Literacy EA gr.7-10

Full booked for 19/20 school year